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I was at World Market a few weeks back and picked up this package of coconut dessert mix. I love coconut so I though I should give it a try. The package looked like it made jelled squares–and that is how it turned out.

They were pretty good–not overly sweet with a medium coconut flavor–really refreshing–good for people who like coconut flavor but not the texture. Next time I make it I will add milk for one cup of the water called for in the recipe. It was easy to do  and I poured it in a glass bread pan and let it chill for a few hours.

Then cut into squares and enjoyed 🙂

Yeah–I think next time a little sugar and the milk will make it creamier and sweeter–more to my taste. (Yes I will make this again!)

The box said you could use it for a pie filling or cake filling–wouldn’t recommend that–it definitely is like a gelatin.

Have a great day!!