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I decorated 4 mini clipboards to attach papers, bills, reminders, lists, etc. –one for each member of the family and they fit perfectly in the slots of the magnetic chalk board from IKEA!

Here is the step by step of how I did this project–it is very simple.

First I painted each board around the edges and the back and under the clip–( haven’t done that to this one yet)–I gave each one 2 coats and let them dry. I measured across and lengthwise under the clip and cut 4 pieces of different paper that went well together, but reflected each of our unique personalities. I used a corner rounder on the bottom of each paper.

I then adhered each paper to the dry clipboard with a couple of coats of satin modge podge and let it dry.

Here they are all finished and ready to be put to use in my attempt to organize!!

You can do this with any size clipboard–just cut the paper accordingly. I love them, and now when I pay my bills I smile just slightly~

Have a whatever day 🙂