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I’ve been wanting to try this coloring technique for a while now and finally took the time to do it on a white t-shirt I wanted to  spice up a bit for summer.

This is the end product and this is how I did it:

Took my plain white t-shirt and washed it. I then mixed my dye up–I did everything according to package directions except I used less dye and less water and adjusted the salt accordingly, because I like to preserve product as much as I can. I used tulip brand dyes in lime green and turquoise to make my 3 different colors.

Here is the picture of the white t-shirt in the plain lime green dye–which I dyed the whole shirt in first:

I let that brew for about 5-10 minutes and then took the shirt out and I added some turquoise dye and stirred it well–you may need to add a little more hot water at this point. I then submerged the top 2/3rds of the t-shirt in the dye and let it sit for about 10 minutes–I dipped it a few times, too.

Then for the third color I threw out the dye mix and made a turquoise only dye mix and put only the top third in the dye and let it sit for about 15 minutes:

I then rinsed it well in cold water and washed it so I could wear it– it is very beachy and summery–which is what I was going for!! I think one in red, pink and orange would be very fun, too!! If you have white t-shirts that are old or stained–give them a new look with a little dye–color them to match the stain if the stain is really dark. It gives new life to a t-shirt!!

Have a happy day!!