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Several years ago I was in to soap making for a short time. I was given an old magazine from my mom and there was this article about this woman who made soap from tallow. She had recipes and the instructions, so I gave it a whirl. I got some tallow from a meat locker and cooked it down in my oven–drained the liquid–then boiled it with water–let it cool–skimmed the hardened fat off of the top and scraped the scum off of it. Then I made it into soap using lye and scents and additives. Well, that made a big mess and was a lot of work!! So, I bought bulk quantities of oil and made it that way for a while. It was fun, but of course I moved on to other hobbies :).

Recently, my daughter wanted to make soap like some she had seen in a magazine. Well, this is easy soap!!! So, I said yes and I went to my local craft store and bought some glycerin blocks and we were set!!

So, we melted these in the microwave–only took a couple of minutes 🙂

Got a few additives–these are some dry rose petals. We also used some dried lavender, and some rose, lemon, orange, lavender, and bergamot essential oil and a bit of coloring agent in each one.

We made a lemon lavender soap and a citrus rose bergamot soap.

We used deli containers for molds and poured the liquid soap in quickly because it sets up fast!!

After letting it harden for a couple of hours, they popped out of the molds easily!! ( I did use a little oil on the molds before adding the soap)

Next time I think we will add some kind of moisturizer to them–but they look really pretty clear, too!!

It was a breeze! And I used the lemon lavender in the shower this morning!!

Get a clean start!!