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For the last few years we have been doing a fairy garden in this large flat pot. In the past we have done lobelia in blue and white or alyssum in white along with a fuschia for a larger “bush” since it was mostly in the shade. This year it will be in part sun so I looked for some plants and these ferns caught my eye–they are shaped like a feathery tree!

I put one on each side of the bird house, although the tag says they are supposed to get 2-3 feet tall, I will keep them pruned to fit with the landscape of my tiny garden! The name of the fern is plumosa fern. Looking forward to see how it does this summer. I also planted a creeping thyme which will fill in nicely over the summer near the edge of the pot.

I put my little bird right on top and scattered the watering can and some glass baubles around.

I put in an annual euphorbia breathless blush and a few hen and chick like succelents around my stone toad.

The kids will add some glitter and their little touches later–I will be taking them shopping for a new accent piece again this year. We get one to two each year with the last one being the wheelbarrow.

We have fun each year doing this together–

I probably have the most though đŸ™‚

Maybe the Fairy Godmother will visit and make those plants fill in over night!!

Have a fun-filled day!!