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Well, I needed to plan what I wanted to put in my front entry planters, so I started making the rounds to all the garden centers to get some ideas. My front entry gets about 6 hours of sun a day, so I needed plants that take full sun and that I liked a lot together. I usually browse until something catches my eye–and this time it was the red sensation cordyline! I usually do not go for the spiky look in my planters, preferring the softer look of leafy foliage, but the red color caught my eye and I could see it with a chartreuse sweet potato vine and a pretty much picasso petunia mixed in with it…..

So I tried them out in my pot by just sitting them in there to get the look….(it took me a bit of time and a few extra stops to get the picasso petunia located and I found this beautiful lantana and had to include it, even though it changed the color palette  a bit 🙂 )

I was pleased–so then I planted !!!

And here it is~ ( ran out of potting soil–so the other one will have to wait ’til tomorrow)

In just a short time I know it will be thrilling, spilling, and filling–as they say in the container gardening world!!

Take some time to plant something beautiful that makes you happy!!