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I saw this dress on line and read all the positive reviews, so I went to Old Navy to get it, and of course, they didn’t have any left in my size in the blue color–just this bright pink–which I don’t really care for~so what to do???? It wasn’t on sale so I paid the $34.99 or thereabouts 😦 –I like a sale better 🙂

I have done this before with other fabrics that I have made into pillows and such and also with one sweatshirt from Eddie Bauer several years ago–and result is one that I think is pretty neat–either removing or adding color using rit or tulip brand dyes and removers. For this project I used a color remover which you can get at Walmart and several other places. Here is what the package looks like:

I picked it up for about $1.70–cheap right?!

So, follow directions and wash the garmet first and do not dry it–then mix up the solution and immerse the garmet:

It took the color out very quickly and left it kind of yellow–I left it in there for about 20 minutes and then rinsed well and followed package directions and laundered–then dried and this is what it looks like now:

It turned out well–I really like it!! Kind of a deep yellow with the pink accents–something to keep in mind when doing this project is that the buttons will stay the same color–of course–and the thread will not be changed either–it will stay color fast. So the result is a yellow dress with pink thread accents and pink buttons. If this is not the look you like you can then dye it with another dye color–but keep in mind the thread and buttons will stay pink!

I am going to wear it like this for a while–after I  touch it up with an iron 🙂 –and maybe later I will change it up a little!!

Have a fashionable day!!