Easy Brownie Bites

This is an easy crowd pleaser–I have made these several times and have made the process easier than when I first made them. I used to shake each one in a bowl with the powdered sugar–but now I will show you the quick and easy way!!

Start with a boughten brownie mix–any brand works–just has to be for a 9X13 pan. (Use one that has a lid if you can)
Mix for the cake-like brownies (this is very important–otherwise the brownies will not cut and stay in one piece very well) and bake just until done–do not overbake! I baked mine for 24 minutes and they were perfect.
Let them cool completely and cut into one inch squares.
Sprinkle with 1 cup of powdered sugar and lift the squares loose with a metal spatula and leave loose in the pan–they should look like this:
Then put the cover on the pan and flip gently upside down and back a few times. Let the powdered sugar settle and look to see if they are all coated, if not add a little more powdered sugar and gently rotate them. (If you don’t have a lid for your pan wrap tightly with several layers of saran wrap first.) 
Then they will look like this:
Yum! I can barely stop eating these!!!