I made Grandma’s recipe for snitz brodt last week and have been eating it ever since! I needed to use up some dried apricots and prunes I had gotten for Christmas baking, but didn’t use. It is very similar in texture to raisin bread but the dough is a little stronger in flavor.  

Soaking the fruit in brandy

First I soaked the fruit in brandy overnight–except the prunes

Grandma’s Copy of the Recipe

Then I mixed the dough and let is rise

I added craisins and dried cherries to the recipe and left out the dried peaches. I only made half the recipe and still got a lot of bread!! It freezes well–so that’s good.

Click here for an original copy of Grandma’s recipe

Snitz Brodt Recipe

Enjoy!( I am! and you will too–if you come and visit!!)