Trim it up

Sometimes it takes just a small amount of trim to add that little extra pop to a room.

Here we are going to take our boring bathroom mirrors and glue on some trim for a more finished look.


P1030251 P1030250


  • A quick trip to Home Depot (still miss those adorable Tony Stewart posters)  from basic trim.  
  • Some left over white trim paint from other projects.  
  • A hubby that knows how to mitre.

And some after photos that I think make the room look great.

P1030296 P1030301

Bonus Room

Just thought I should post some pics of our bonus room refresh.

Here is a before. contractor beige walls, white base cabinets with a white plywood top.

So step 1 was to install a nice butcher block countertop.

Bonus (3)

Add some shelving with doors, paint three walls a bright white, with a green contrast wall (the green was pulled from a cool multi-colored rug we picked up at Ikea)
Bonus (4) Bonus(01)

Here is the rug, with our new leather sofa’s


Christmas Photo Cards

What to do with some Holiday inspired yarn and my cutest miniature clothespins?

Add in all the beautiful photo cards we have been receiving this year for Christmas.

Hang all the photos for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Merry Christmas

I hope your Christmas was just as fun and memorable as mine.

Vellum candles

Saw something similar on Pinterest and thought it would make a great Christmas gift.  Aren’t the best gifts homemade from the heart? I think so.

Picked up a couple glass jars and puck candles from my local Hobby Lobby.



Scoured through this years photos to find some good looking smiles that brought up good memories and printed them on some vellum paper.



Wrapped them around and secured with some double sided tape.



It’s like a warm light shining behind a film strip.

My only after-thought was whether I should have sprayed a clear coat on the vellum afterwards.  I’m a little nervous about the toner flaking off.

Bathroom Tile

This blog has been Hijacked!  Just joking, it’s only the hubby doing a guest blog.

Kyra has been swamped with the job that actually pays money, so I’m making a special appearance (wink-wink).

Awhile back we were perusing our local bargain surplus shop and ran across these wonderful glass tiles.

Glass Mosaic 

Kyra had been wanting something extra to dress up the master bath.  So I obliged her.  We added a border above the shower and again over the tub.



Coconut Pudding~Really Jello


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I was at World Market a few weeks back and picked up this package of coconut dessert mix. I love coconut so I though I should give it a try. The package looked like it made jelled squares–and that is how it turned out.

They were pretty good–not overly sweet with a medium coconut flavor–really refreshing–good for people who like coconut flavor but not the texture. Next time I make it I will add milk for one cup of the water called for in the recipe. It was easy to do  and I poured it in a glass bread pan and let it chill for a few hours.

Then cut into squares and enjoyed 🙂

Yeah–I think next time a little sugar and the milk will make it creamier and sweeter–more to my taste. (Yes I will make this again!)

The box said you could use it for a pie filling or cake filling–wouldn’t recommend that–it definitely is like a gelatin.

Have a great day!!


Genius Platform


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I recently purchased the new Genius Platform–which is really a neat product when using the nesting thin dies to cut frames and such. With it’s magnetic board, (place them horizontally)

 the dies stay in place really well. The only down side is they cannot be used with a prestamped image that you are trying to cut out–like for instance the new Hero Arts stamp and dies sets. Once you stamp the image it needs to be turned over to cut–so you cannot see to place it on the die — my recommendation is to cut and then stamp for those particulars dies.

Lay the dies like this–horizontally–not like this below

they tend to shift–you will feel the pull of the magnets and your dies will not stay where you place them.

This is what you end up with after the cut~(run through your die cut machine–like a Sizzix Big Shot)

The hardest part is getting them exactly even inside each other–you have to eyeball it. All in all it is a pretty neat tool and I am glad I purchased it. It was a bit pricey at $49.95–but you do get this die set with it, so that helps a bit 🙂

Happy nesting and cutting!


Mini Clip Boards–Dressed Up!!


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I decorated 4 mini clipboards to attach papers, bills, reminders, lists, etc. –one for each member of the family and they fit perfectly in the slots of the magnetic chalk board from IKEA!

Here is the step by step of how I did this project–it is very simple.

First I painted each board around the edges and the back and under the clip–( haven’t done that to this one yet)–I gave each one 2 coats and let them dry. I measured across and lengthwise under the clip and cut 4 pieces of different paper that went well together, but reflected each of our unique personalities. I used a corner rounder on the bottom of each paper.

I then adhered each paper to the dry clipboard with a couple of coats of satin modge podge and let it dry.

Here they are all finished and ready to be put to use in my attempt to organize!!

You can do this with any size clipboard–just cut the paper accordingly. I love them, and now when I pay my bills I smile just slightly~

Have a whatever day 🙂


Organizing My Family (or trying to :) )


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It has been a long time since I posted–life, summer and vacation have been getting in the way of my time and creativity, but this is the latest project and I am liking how it turned out–but it is still in the trial phase here!

I found these LUNS magnetic chalk boards at IKEA while we were on vacation–they were a bargain at only 15 dollars each! I left the key holder hooks off and the metal chalk holder trays out and inserted mini clipboards for each of us in the family to clip bills, papers for school or anything we don’t want to lose:).

I found these cute silhouette magnetic clips at Big Lots and put our appt. cards in the ones that match the family member.


Hopefully this system will work–I like how it looks in the kitchen. In my next post, I will show you how I turned the plain mini clipboards into decorative ones suitable to hang on the wall!!

Have an organized day!!


Citrus Finger Jello


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These citrus fruit juice jellies are a refreshing snack on these hot days!! My favorite is the one made with pink grapefruit juice.

I made two kinds this week–orange and pink grapefruit, they were both wonderful!

Here is the easy recipe:

4 c. of citrus juice of your choice ( I like the simply fruit juice line–simply orange etc.)

1/4 to 1/2 c. of sugar

4 envelops of knox unflavored gelatin

Mix the gelatin into 1 cup of cold juice and set aside to soften.

whisk it in so it is fully mixed~

Heat the remaining juice with the desired sugar–I use more for the grapefruit juice because it is tart. Sugar also makes the flavor of the juice stronger in the finished product. Heat the mixture until the sugar is dissolved and it is just below a rolling boil in a saucepan. Add the gelatin mixture and remove from the heat–whisk until the gelatin in dissolved.

Pour into prepared pans (I spray mine with Pam) and refrigerate until firm. Cut into squares and enjoy 🙂 You can halve the recipe easily if you don’t need the full batch. Above is a picture of a full recipe of pink grapefruit and a half of orange. Next time I am going to experiment with the V8 fusion juices :).

Have a refreshing day!!